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Posted on over 3 years ago by Laurentina Kennedy


Ireland is building a reputation as a world leader in scientific research capability, continuously climbing the international citation and innovation rankings to be in the top 20 countries overall for citations, while achieving rankings of 2nd , 3rd and 5th  in Nanoscience, Materials Science and  Computer Science research respectively.

Ireland is a small English speaking technologically advanced country (population 4.5 million), home to leading multinational and indigenous companies, with a young growing population (the median population age is 35, the lowest in the EU), ranked 1st in Europe for completion of university education and in the top centile of Eurostat rankings for Innovation Output.

Science Foundation Ireland has now launched a recruitment-only programme designed to attract to Ireland outstanding new and emerging research leaders in both scientific and engineering domains, where candidates may have both academic and/or industry relevant backgrounds with a focus on research excellence with impact. Candidates are expected to address current gaps in leadership, methodologies and skill sets in specific discipline areas (including, but not limited to advanced manufacturing, bioprocessing, agri-food, cyber-security, smart cities, energy and marine research). Candidates may also be recruited to complement and strengthen ongoing activities e.g. SFI Research Centres, or as part of Research Body succession planning for areas which will require leadership in coming years.

If you believe that you can inspire and build excellence with impact in a well-resourced research environment, please consult the call document or email .