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A day in Dun Laoghaire

Posted on almost 9 years ago by John Reid

Dun L



The RFT Group are privileged to have our main office in a wonderful and picturesque place, we have enlisted the help of a good friend of the RFT Group and a very talented blogged Ewa Duraj to share an outside view on the area

Dun L

Have a free day and not sure what to do with it? A day trip to Dun Laoghaire is your answer. You can get here by bus or by dart. Loads to do and see. Here are some suggestions.

If it’s sunny…

Stroll on the pier, have Teddy’s ice cream, walk towards 40 Foot and James Joyce Tower (free museum, open from 10am to 6pm in the summer), sit down and watch boats passing by and people swimming in 40 Foot. Feeling brave enough to join them? Go for it! Just to warn you: the water is pretty cold. On Sundays there is a farmers’ market in People’s Park; freshly brewed coffee, juice bar, delicious falafels and artisan food that you can eat at the sea front. If you fancy a beer the best place to have it is Olivieto in front of Kingstown Hotel – fantastic view on the harbour.

Grab a coffee in People’s Park

Have a drink in Oliveto


 The 40 Foot with Dalkey in the background


Go on a cruise in Dublin Bay. The boats leave from the East Pier (More info)


If it’s raining…

You have several options:



  • If you want to see some Celtic art go to The Oratory on Library Road
  • Endurance Exhibition – see over 100 unique photographs from Shackleton expedition to South Pole (tickets €6)
  • Visit local bars and restaurants – Gilbert & Wright Pub is my favourite on George Street with live music and open mic nights at the weekends and table quiz and movie nights during the week.
  • Visit James Joyce Museum – it’s free
  • Go for a walk, it will stop raining shortly!

If hungry go to Cafe Harry on main street or grab some food in Hen House or Mao (both in the Pavilion Centre). If you are adventurous you could go a bit further on George Street towards Monkstown where you find Giddy Goose (139 George’s Street Lower, excellent brunch and breakfasts, closes at 5pm)  and Pig and Heifer Tapas (1a Lower Georges Street, good value for money, fresh and tasty, opened late).


How to get here:

Thanks again to our good friend Ewa for her assistance in showing what a fantastic part of the world The RFT Group reside in, if you would like to know about more about The RFT Group please visit our new website on 01 2302400.