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Westport emerges as 'Botox capital of the world' as plant sells $4bn of Botox to the world in two years: Irish Examiner by Gordon Deegan

Posted on over 5 years ago by Laurentina Kennedy


Westport’s status as the ‘Botox capital of the world’ is confirmed with new figures showing that pharma giant, Allergan has sold $4bn (€3.6bn) of the anti-wrinkle treatment from its Co Mayo plant over the past two years. Irish Examiner by Gordon Deegan

Numerous Hollywood stars and celebrities have admitted they have used the wrinkle-erasing drug in the past.

However, the use of Botox goes way beyond Hollywood stars and celebrities and Allergan’s Westport plant as the firm’s only Botox manufacturing facility across its global network is serving ever increasing global demand.

Now, newly filed accounts by Allergan Pharmaceuticals Ireland reveal the scale and value of the Botox production at the Westport plant.

Before now, the firm has not filed any annual accounts due to its unlimited status.

However, the new company figures show that last year, sales of the blockbuster drug, Botox from the Westport plant totaled $2.18bn and this represents an increase of 15% on the $1.896bn sales of Botox from the Westport firm in 2016.