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Hydrobloc Reducing the burden of chronic pain

Posted on almost 4 years ago by Laurentina Kennedy

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HydroBloc provides Chronic Neuropathic Pain sufferers with long-term restorative pain relief


It is estimated that 8 % of the European population suffer from Neuropathic Pain with over 300,000 suffers in Ireland. Diseases that have a high incidence of chronic neuropathic pain include Multiple Sclerosis (46%), Cancer (66%) and Arthritis (33%).  Sadly, Chronic neuropathic pain sufferers are a lesser-heard voice within the health service, but live with constant pain, which has a significant personal and societal impact.  Current treatments for chronic neuropathic pain include analgesic medications and nerve block injectables. 

Injectable treatments are painful and need to be repeated every three months for adequate pain relief. The effects of the injectable diminish over time, with the patient often experiencing severe intermittent pain between treatments. Given the personal, family and societal costs of chronic neuropathic pain, there is an urgent need for a disruptive non medication-based therapy.


A multidisciplined team at National University of Galway are developing HydroBloc, novel hydrogel solution for Chronic Neuropathic Pain. An ideal solution would provide long-term pain relief for patients with neuropathic pain which is drug free without the severe side effects of prescription medications. HydoBloc is that solution. 

Team Information

From Left to right: Dr. Leo Quinlan, Dr. Alison Liddy, Dr. Conor Judge, Dr. Martin O’Halloran and Dr. Barry McDermott.  
Host & Partner Institutions
Multidisciplined collaboration between numerous expert groups at NUI Galway

University Hospital Galway

Translational Medical Device Lab

College of Engineering and Informatics, NUI Galway

Centre for Pain Research, NUI Galway


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